Its already been 5 weeks...

Stocking Girls
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...alternatively, its only been 5 weeks. It feels like Kiera has been with us forever. She seems to be growing like a weed. After 2 weeks, she was up to 9 lbs 12 oz. We have another doctors appointment this week, so we will see what she is up to then. She is awake a lot more than before, but is also sleeping a lot still. Kiera smiled at me last week, but it was the imitation smile, not a spontaneous smile - but it was great none the less.

We are pretty much ready for Christmas here - we put up the tree two weeks ago, and Eowyn was a great help. She put the ornaments on the tree, and was really good at spreading them out. She got to visit Santa on Friday and sat on his lap. She is excited about Christmas, and I think that this holiday will be great - she will be really into the gifts and all the excitement of the holidays. The excitement is going to infect us all - but thats what is so great about Christmas!

Happy Holidays!