Happy 3rd Birthday Eowyn!

Happy and excited
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Eowyn celebrated her 3rd birthday on January 27th. We had the grandparents over on Saturday, and then on Sunday Eowyn had her first birthday party. There were four kids in total - Eowyn, Owen, Kayla,and Abby. They seemed to have a great time, but by the end of it James and I were exhausted. Its tough work keeping kids entertained!

Smiley girl

Kiera is growing like a weed. She had her two month doctors appointment on January 15th, and weighed in at 12lbs. She is doing really good at holding up her head, and is smiling all the time! She really seems to be a happy baby. We are really lucky to have such a good baby - she has her fussy times, but overall she is really good.