Oh no, its "oh-no"!

Canadian girls
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Long time no post... The girls are doing really well. Eowyn is getting excited about school in the fall, and Kiera is growing like a weed.

Eowyn has started swimming lessons, and is really loving it. She is much more comfortable around pools now, and has no problems jumping in (with her water wings) without anyone to catch her. She swims around the pool like a little fish!

Kiera is talking up a storm these days, but only 20% of the words are recognizable. Kiera's name for Eowyn is "oh-no" (hence the post title). She picked that up from one of the kids from daycare, as that is how Ashley could pronounce Eowyn's name.

James and I are doing well. I'm not traveling so much right now, but I suspect that will pick up again at the end of August. Its nice being home for such an extended period!