Project 365

I've gotten into photography over the past couple of years, but I have found that I'm just not taking as many pictures as I want to. To change this, I have started Project 365.

What is that, you say? Well, there is this great site called PhotoJojo that has lots of great ways to use your pictures, and creative ways to take them as well! They wrote about a photographer who took a picture every day for a year in an attempt to capture a year of their life, and that has inspired me. Starting October 1st, I am going to do my best to take one picture each day (ok - it will be many pictures a day), and post it to Flickr in my Project 365 set.

I'll be bouncing between my two cameras (Nikon D40 DSLR and Canon SD790 P&S) trying to capture something each day. I think the challenge will be two fold: a) remembering to take the pictures, and b) taking pictures of something fun or interesting or cute.

Hopefully my photography will improve over the next year, and I will start developing an eye for photo opportunities.