Diaper free? Can it be?

Wednesday of last week, Kiera was a normal(ish) 2.75 year old. Wearing a puffy diaper. Peeing at will. Making her parents change her stinky poopy bum. Then she went to bed.

Thursday, apparently she woke up a different child. She spent the day at Sandy's in underwear, and was peeing on the potty. Since then, she has worn pull-ups and stayed dry for pretty much all weekend. Hurrah!

We did have a few tough moments, though. The public bathroom at the beach was clogged, and it freaked Kiera out - crying in the bathroom, insisting she could not go in that bathroom (even after I fixed the toilet). The real fun was later when we were at the beach (without a swimmer!), and she comes up and tells us we need to pack up and go home because she has to go pee. Needless to say, we didn't pack up. Instead, we introduced her to peeing in the lake.

The idea of not having to buy diapers any more is FABULOUS! Too exciting to put into words. w00t!