Hi again...

So it's been a while, and to bring people up to speed (if anyone is reading), here is a bit of an update on the family...


James has been running more and more - its kinda crazy. He did 14 miles last Saturday, and will probably do that again this coming weekend. He is registered for a half marathon on March 6th and a full marathon in April (in Waterloo). I'm glad he enjoys it so much - makes the miles tick by a bit easier. He says that the cold isn't so bad, especially once you get going and start heating up, but the wind is NASTY! I'm so proud of him and what he is doing. What a great man!


Eowyn is really excited about her birthday this week. I can't believe she is going to be 6 - where has the time gone??? We are going to go out for dinner on her b-day to Swiss Chalet, and she is having a party with her friends on the 30th. For her party, we have a lady coming to the house who is going to do clay with the girls. They're going to make the bowls themselves and paint them. It should be fun, and hopefully not too messy. For someone who hates to clean, I also hate mess. Go figure.

Miss E is also developing quite the attitude. Very snarky at times, and the 'talking back' has increased tenfold. I find it really hard because I'm lacking in patience, so I tend to snap back which doesn't help things at all. She is getting frustrated very easily as well, which isn't helping her moods. I think that Eowyn and I are way too much alike, and it is going to cause us some serious issues down the road. For now, we seem to know how to push buttons and get frustrated with each other. I'm sure its going to get much worse. I feel bad for James - this female thing is going to be rough on him.


Kiera is her usual self. Quite content to play by herself, or snuggle with whomever is around. She is also becoming quite a ham - ready to perform and be cute or funny for an audience. I hope it doesn't get out of hand...

She is really developing a great imagination. We have races for basic daily things - getting to the top of the stairs at bed time, getting dressed first in the morning, that sort of thing. Well, Kiera has decided that the winner of some of our races gets an (imaginary) balloon. Well, one day, Kiera had her 'balloons' in the living room, and Eowyn came up to her and grabbed a red balloon and ran to her bedroom with it. Now remember - these are imaginary balloons. Kiera Freaked out about Eowyn stealing the balloon - screaming and crying. The works. Luckily James had an extra balloon that he gave to Kiera. All was fine after that.

I guess the other fun Kiera thing is about her friend Austin. Austin is about 2.5 and goes to Sandy's too (Sandy is the babysitter/caregiver/daycare. whatever you want to call it). Austin is Kiera's best friend. When we were off for Christmas, she talked about him constantly. Well, her talking has evolved into them having babies (2 babies, to be specific, named Kiera and Austin), and that Austin will be her babies' daddy. I think this is hilarious. And a little scary. That girl loves her dollies/babies.


And then there's me. Hmmm. What to say. I'm struggling a bit with the new lifestyle - I think I've got the food figured out. Well, I know what I should and shouldn't be eating, so the guilt is there when I over eat. It's getting easier, which is great. The exercise, however, is not so great. I need to get out running more, and am going to work on that. It doesn't help when I don't like it. Grrr to exercise - a necessary evil.

James got me an ebook reader for Christmas (Sony PRS-505), which I LOVE. It is fantastic, and I can't imagine reading a paper book again. Next time you have an hour, ask me about it and I will get on my soapbox.

There should be more Jan news to share in a bit - I'll keep you posted. :-)