Day 9: What Remains

Today, see if you can find something that just isn't willing to let go. There's something to be said for savoring the past and letting go at our own pace. Slow and steady can be one way to honor ourselves. When the time is right, we'll let ourselves fall. And when we do, there'll be soft ground to land on.

Plants are the go-to item for this assignment, but instead of flowers (of which I did shoot many for this) I went with fruit. Luckily, today was cider making day at the Beamsville Fords, and with a suggestion from Art I captured this picture:

Day 9: What Remains II

This is what is left after the chipper and press are done with apples. Kinda gross, but the cider is fantastic! I've gotten really comfortable with a shallow depth of field (the blurriness of the background), but this shot really didn't need it. I need to get better at recognizing when I do and don't need the blur.

Art and Ruby's raspberry patch is a favourite snacking spot through the summer, and there were only three berries left - another great candidate for today's challenge.

Day 9: What Remains I

And no, I didn't eat those last berries...

Sarah, my sister-in-law, wants to learn more about photography so I've been sharing what I've learned so far. We went for a walk-about today with our cameras and I'm glad we had such beautiful weather - it made for some great shots.

I'm glad I started blogging this workshop and annotating the pictures on Flickr. It was fun to talk about the class this weekend, and have everyone wondering what my new assignment was. We all talked about possibilities of what I could shoot. It was great to see everyone's perspective and see through their eyes. Thanks for all your ideas and encouragement!