Day 11: Stripping Down

Photographically speaking, this season's appeal is so much about texture. Find something today that begs to be photographed for its mere texture alone. Don't pay attention to color but keep your eye out for light. Light, when shed in the right way can accentuate and even enhance the texture you can see with your eyes and help you photograph it effectively.

Once you shoot your image, literally strip the color away in post processing. Take all the color out (or most of it anyway) using a simple photo editing program. This will really help you see the texture of your subject and give it a more timeless appeal.

Let me start by saying that I'm not a big fan of black and white photography. Some I love (Ansel Adams), some I don't (portraits). I like colour in my pictures, as it says "life" to me. Looking around the house for things with good texture is always fun too. This challenge seems to call for something rough, so it was a good thing we never got rid of the branch we cut off the tree in the spring. The girls have been using the pieces for a pretend campfire on the deck, and apparently they have started to weather.

Day 11: Stripping Away