Thanksgiving - Waterloo Ford Style

This weekend was Thanksgiving in Canada. It doesn't really differ from the way it is celebrated in the US, except that we don't have Black Friday shopping insanity or anything like it.

Our Thanksgiving is usually pretty busy with multiple families to visit and celebrate with. This weekend started with a long drive down to Beamsville to spend Friday night with Art and Ruby. The drive took two hours, where it usually takes about 75 minutes. We had a great night visiting and playing games with Art and Ruby, and Trevor and Sarah. We played "Things In a Box" - a great game where you need to write answers to a question and everyone takes turns guessing who wrote what. We had one question that had tears rolling down my face:


I love this family! These are the answers given to the Things... question. In order, Sarah, me, Ruby, Art, James, and Trevor. To think I had the tame answer! :)

Saturday was spent making apple cider, taking pictures, and napping. Check out some of the pictures from the day in our October Flickr set.

Sunday was a day 'off', but James spent much of it preparing for Monday's family event. We had my mom and Ray, Dad and Lynn, and my great-grandpa over for dinner. It was fun having a house full of people, and dinner was great. Tough to have a bad meal when James is cooking.

After all the food this weekend, I'm really glad that Christmas is two months away. The overindulging seems uncontrollable with all the yummy food, but I think I just need to be glad these types of events are is only a few times a year.