Day 13: Good Day Sunshine!

What happens when you haven't seen the sun in weeks? You find your own sun of course! Although the fruits of summer have gone, fall brings all kinds of gifts. With a bounty of pomegranates, pumpkins and persimmons there is no shortage of sunshine substitution. A burst of round, ripe sunny color can totally transform the gloomy grays that may be lurking outside.

Hmmm. A sun that isn't a sun. A week or so ago we bought some colourful ugly gourds, including some baby pumpkins, so I figured I was set for this assignment. As we were eating dinner, however, I was inspired by James' medal from the Toronto Waterfront Marathon. It was gold and bright and it just might work! Sure, it's not really my sun, but James is...

Day 13: Good Day Sunshine! #1

I did photograph the pumpkin too, just in case the medal didn't turn out.

Day 13: Good Day Sunshine! #2