Day 14: Unexpected Enchantment

Sometimes the objects we look at (and often overlook) every single day hold a certain magic when we really take the time to notice. Whether you choose to admire something on your bookshelf or dig something out of a junk drawer, let's delight our own inner child by stirring up some wonder and enchantment in an everyday object.

Note: Don't be afraid to get in close to capture the little detail of your object today. If you don't have a lens that let's you get in close then stay back at a comfortable shooting range to be sure the shot is as sharp and in focus as it can be. Then, open your image in photo editing software that allows you to crop in. If your image is in sharp focus, then cropping in later won't distort your image.

Enchantment. Well, given my attraction to fairies and all things magical, my theme was pretty much set. I've had a little gnome necklace pendant for a long time, and he sits on the shelf with all my fairy figures. I've always loved the look on his face, and his little crystal. Meet the subject of today's picture.

Day 14: Unexpected Enchantment

In case you are wondering how small he is, he is sitting on a dime.

It took two photo sessions to get the right picture. After the first session, looking at the pictures on the computer really emphasized how dusty he was. After an air brush off, we went back out into the front yard for another photo shoot. He was such a diva for the second shoot. Apparently I didn't offer him enough company, so he found a new friend - check out the tiny bug on his foot.

I'm very happy with how this picture turned out. I think this is my favourite picture so far in the workshop. It's a funny thing to notice in myself - when I get the picture I want I get all giddy. I want to run around and show everyone my picture. This is one of those pictures for me.