Day 18: Muse

There's no telling when inspiration might strike. The world is full of muses and each person is inspired at different times by different things. I have found that my creative bursts come and go in phases. Sometimes it's a mere thought or maybe a quote. Other times it's a particular style of shooting or a new piece of equipment that does it. Lately it's been this new vintage camera…swoon.

What has been a muse for you lately? Whether it's a person, place or thing, honor it today by seeing it through your lens.

Why do I pick up a camera? The girls, of course. I really started getting into photography at Kiera's 1st birthday party. My dad had just got a Nikon dSLR, and I loved it. I had one by the end of the month, and I've not looked back. Since then I've tried to capture our life on 'film'. These memories are like gold to me.

Day 18: Muses

I wish I had taken an extra moment and lined up their eyes a bit more, but time was short and so was their patience for posing.

I've been trying to be more flexible in my photography, and trying to 'make due' with my iPhone camera. So with a little 'banana pants' prompt, which got the girls laughing, I snapped this one too.

Eowyn and Kiera