Catch up time

Well, it's been a while, and with the photography stuff going up onto the blog, I figured I should catch everyone up on where the family is at.

Two Ford girls off to school

The girls have been at school now for a few weeks, and everything is going well! Kiera is still getting used to school, and seems to be doing well. She likes her teacher Miss Campbell, but the introvert in her is finding it a bit crowded some days. Not many opportunities for alone time in kindergarten. She has gravitated towards the boys in her class. I kind of expected it, given that she plays with boys all day at Sandy's. Should make for an interesting princess birthday party though, if it's only boys she wants to invite... Oh well.

Eowyn is really enjoying French Immersion, and has adjusted to full day, every day, school. Her move to Christy's (the new sitter) was flawless. She is having a great time there, and I think she really likes having other kids her age around, and a few older ones too!
On an unexpected front, Eowyn seems to have a boyfriend. There is a grade 2, Johnathan, that told Eowyn that "she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen" and they have spent a lot of time together at school since. Really sweet, but not sure that James and I were ready for this quiet yet. She is only in grade 1, for goodness sake!!

Three teeth in one month!

September was an eventful month for Eowyn's mouth - she lost three teeth! She pulled out the top two by herself, but needed some help with the bottom. If she keeps this up, she is going to need dentures!


James has been doing a lot of running and training, and last weekend he ran the Toronto Waterfront Marathon. He has been training all summer, and did great finishing in 4:11:16. James started to struggle at the 35km (21 mile) mark, and wasn't completely thrilled with his finishing time. No matter how he finished, I think he did fantastic, and I am really proud of him!

I love fall!

As for me, well as you have probably seen I'm starting a photography workshop, and I'm planning on posting my pictures here. I'm really enjoying this hobby, and I'm finding it a great way to get some me time - especially with these workshop assignments!

With fall setting in, we are starting to think about Christmas, and all the activities around that time. The calendar is filling up already! Before we know it, it will be here. Hopefully it won't come too soon...