Day 20: Connections

Relationships are one of the most important elements of the human experience. Today simply observe the many connections that are happening not only in your own life, but in the whole world around you. Poignant, tender, humorous or otherwise, capture a connection today that makes you happy.

After telling James what the mission for today was, he said that I should take a picture of the USB port on my camera. I just laughed, but then I thought about it - it's not really a bad idea at all! Instead of the USB port, though, I took pictures of a 'bouquet' of cables.

Day 20: Connections 1

Through those cables, I have connections to a million things:
  • my hobbies - digital photos, photography workshops, and sharing through Flickr; cross-stitch patterns and ideas from around the world
  • people I would never have met otherwise - all the inspiration from photography blogs, and the wonderful ladies in the workshop
  • our family - my brother-in-law met his wife online, and we are able to communicate easily and regularly with another brother-in-law in Papua New Guinea. 
This list could go on for ever. The cables encourage connections in our lives that were so much more difficult fifteen years ago, and in some cases would never have happened at all. This was a great prompt that helped me to see things a little differently.