Day 21: Serving Up Kindness

Our days are greatly made up of doing things for other people. We feed, serve and nurture our partners, spouses, friends, children, pets, etc. We work so hard each day that sometimes we're just plain tapped out.

Keeping in mind that even the smallest gestures of kindness can make a big difference, find the joy in what you're serving up today. Look for a way to show a little extra love as you go through your daily rounds.

I had no inspiration for this prompt. No idea what I was going to do. I've decided that it is a good thing that I walk home - it gives me time to think about the prompts and what I can do. It was on my walk home today that I processed a fleeting idea of a band-aid.

Day 21: Serving Up Kindness 2

Don't worry - I didn't injure Eowyn to get this picture. The band-aid is a prop, but she does have a healing scrape on the other knee. I'm a little frightened by how well she can act...

I also captured the girls reading a very appropriate book together.

Day 21: Serving Up Kindness 1