Day 25: Fall Colours

The turning of the seasons can bring with it colorful displays. Even in California, signs of the changing can be discovered, when you really look.

Shoot something today that boasts rich, quintessential colors of fall.

Dropping Kiera off this morning I drove past a house with a red car, a yellow car, and an orange car in the driveway, but it was too early for me to think of how to make it interesting (without them calling the police on the crazy lady). Luckily I took this picture yesterday at Trevor and Sarah's.

Day 25: Fall Colours

This is the first day all month that I haven't taken a picture - feels kinda weird. Back at it tomorrow!

UPDATE: While I was working on the prompt for October 26, James suggested photographing the Murano glass bowl Trevor bought for me when he was in Venice the first time. We set up a light to back-light the bowl, and I captured this picture, which really seemed to meet the prompt for "Fall Colours".

Backlit Murano Glass Bowl