Day 26: Open Heart, Open Mind

We make a habit of filling up our time. Have you noticed that for most people, every minute of every day is full? And we still don't feel like we have enough time for all the things we have to do, let alone the things we want to do. But when everything is already filled to overflowing, there is no room for anything else. In other words, even the amazing stuff that the Universe has in store for us has nowhere to go. How can we receive gifts of goodness if we don't open our arms with the capacity to hold and cherish the gifts?

Visual symbols can go a long way for visual people. Today, make some room, even if it's only in a photograph. Seek out some kind of openness and shoot it-nothing inside but room for the good that can come when we allow for it.

For this prompt, I chose to photograph a vase that we have that was used as a centerpiece at our wedding. I love the vase - it's blue glass and there are lots of bubbles in the glass that give it a great texture. I think that for the 'goodness' part, this vase is really symbolic to me of the fantastic life that we have, that all started when we got married.

Day 26: Open Minds, Open Heart