Day 3: The Beauty Challenge

Here is today's task:

Look beyond what you might normally notice and discover something that most people would overlook and perhaps never deem photo-worthy.

Wow - tough one. The example that she gave was taking a picture of the thorns rather than the rose. Knowing that a lot of people were probably going to go with a plant of some sort, I wanted to do something different. I'm finding that a bit of a problem with the workshop - I want to be different and produce "Wow" shots, instead of focusing on learning.

After swimming lessons today, we went for a drive out to a single-car bridge near Conestogo which is nice and rusty. As we were walking around, I was taking pictures of the bridge - from below, along the 'walls' (or whatever they are called), but I just wasn't happy with what I was seeing on the camera. Walking by the river, there was a piece of iron, about 8"x8" laying in the grass, and it spoke to me. I love the colours and texture of the rust, and the contrast with the green of the grass.

Day 3: The Beauty Shot

This is a little backwards, but I shot this photo earlier in the day. James had run into the grocery store, and we had parked right at the railway tracks. I jumped out of the car while he shopped and snapped a bunch of pictures of the rusty bolts. I liked how the plant was resting against this bolt. Apparently I really have a thing for contrast.

Day 3 Runner-Up