Day 5: Little Reminders

We all have certain words that either remind us of something we need to hear or affirm the truth we hold dear. The words are different for all of us and they can change from day to day, or they can always be the same. Either way, today find the words you need to hear. Whether you stumble across the message via magic or serendipity, or you scratch them out on paper, take a picture of a simple reminder.
I had ideas. I had words. I had quite a few, actually. Patience. Live. Dream. Magic. My word is "beautiful", and I picked it because I often need reminding. And I had a vision. I saw my word written on a bathroom mirror, maybe even with me reflected in the mirror. Or a picture of Kiera, Eowyn, and I with a little sign that said beautiful. Well, I tried these, and I couldn't make them work. Honestly, my word for today should have been Frustrated. With all caps. 
I did get these nice shots of the girls:

Beautiful Eowyn

Beautiful Kiera

But for the actual challenge, this is what I'm submitting:
Guess I can't be fabulous all the time. :)