Day 7: After the Fall

Go gathering today. Scoop up leaves, find delicate petals or look for other offerings that have been laid out before you. The wonders of nature come in every shape and color. Your job today is to search, rescue and revere.

I wasn't really inspired by today's challenge - I felt like I had done it already with the first day's assignment. I even submitted one of the pictures from Day 1 for today's challenge.  I did see this bright red leaf on my way home today, so I scooped it up and was happy to have some sunlight to shoot in.

Day 7:  After the Fall

I was really hesitant to shoot leaves, as I knew that most other people would be shooting that. So I tried playing with a 'found object' from long long ago.

Found Treasure

I found this little person in Grade 3, so in about 1980. It was laying in the parking lot of the school. I found it and brought it home, and have had it ever since. Not sure what captured my attention then, but now I love the saucy look on her face. Because she was so small, it was really hard to get a decent picture of her. Oh well, I tried!