One week into Picture Fall

Has it really only been 7 days of emails for Picture Fall? I find it so hard to believe given how much I feel I've learned. 

I've learned...
  • I am finding this much more introspective than I thought it would be. I'm looking at myself more, and learning about myself. I really didn't expect that.
  • Manual is not scary! I can do it, and take great pictures! Now I just need to learn to play more with the different settings to get different looks for the same picture.
  • I love light. Different kinds of light, but especially natural light. And I don't have to use flash all the time! Now to work on better natural light pictures of my girls...  Ah the challenge!
  • I really need to do something with my bedroom. It is my retreat and my quiet space, but it still has 10 year old builder paint,  basic furniture, and no decoration. I need to make this MY space (yes, technically I share with James). Not so much about "photography", but I learned it anyways.
Looking at the list it doesn't seem like a lot, but wow. I'm already looking at things in a different way, and that is great. I've got a lot to learn still, but I'm keen to get going! I'm loving this course, and I'm signed up for the next one. But what am I going to do with my November???  ;)