Movember - Week 2

Movember: Week 2

Jan:  Has it really only been two weeks? The 'stache is growing in and getting prickly. James has had a goatee for as long as I have known him (10 years), and just shaved it off at the beginning of July. It apparently didn't take very long for me to get used to him being clean shaven...
Tip: If you look really close, you can see all the GRAY in James' mustache.  :)

I imagine that there aren't a lot of single men participating in Movember. How would they ever manage to pick up while sporting just a hairy lip? Unless, of course, they were looking for a month of abstinence...

James: The 'stach is actually there now.  Which I am reminded of every time January looks at me and burst out laughing.  At least Kiera and Eowyn tell me it looks good.
Tip: They are blond highlights.

You can sponsor James' Movember project here:, and the proceeds go to Prostate Cancer Canada.