My New Baby

In about mid-September I pre-ordered a new camera body - a Nikon D7000. I've been anxiously (and somewhat impatiently) waiting for its release, and yesterday it finally arrived. When we went to pick it up at BJ Photo, I actually hugged the box.


I'm not going to go into the gory details about what is so great about this camera, and why I needed a new one, so let's just say James loves me and understands about technology. And by "technology" I mean "keeping his wife happy". ;)

I will say this about the camera though: I have a LOT to learn! It is heavier and a bit bigger than my old camera, so I will be bulking up my arm muscles with it and developing some longer fingers to reach the buttons while shooting.

I think the thing that is really killing me right now is the lack of things to take pictures of. Yes, I know I have two beautiful girls to take photos of, but light is limited and so is their patience with their crazy mom. Guess I'll just have to wander around the house looking for things to take pictures of. (Oh look, a spoon!) Kiera's birthday extravaganza this weekend should give me lots of things to shoot, though.

I'm thinking this baby needs a name... I'm thinking Ethel. Maybe Lois or Betty? Suggestions?