My Model

Ok. So I omitted something with yesterdays post(s). I'm actually taking two online photo workshops this month. I mentioned Your Life: Captured Through the Lens yesterday (which I am enjoying a lot so far), but I'm also taking a workshop called "Get Great Photos with Any Camera". It is starting off a bit slow for me as I think I am at a different level than the target audience. I probably won't participate in the forums as much, but we will see.

This course is in its second week already. The first week looked at natural light and how it changes through the day. Week 2 is covering some of the rules of composition, and has six days of different things to try. The first one is zooming in - even when you think you're close enough, take another step closer. This is right up my alley!

Because this course is a lot about taking pictures of your family and life, I needed a model. Kiera always seems to be willing to pose for me, or at least take her picture (a lot) as long as I let her goof around a bit.

I was telling her how fierce she was being today during our 'photoshoot' and tried to get her to smize (smile with her eyes). Yes, Tyra Banks has taught me well. We are going to work on the smizing.

I ended up with a bunch of great pictures of Kiera, but I think this one is my favourite. The rest are up on Flickr.

My Model 3