Kiera turns 4

Today my baby turned 4. It is amazing how quickly four years can go by. I'm not sure where the time went, and I'm not sure I was prepared for time to pass so quickly..

Candle time!

Kiera has become such an interesting little girl. She is a real joker - telling crazy stories, making wild statements that make you laugh, and she has these great mannerism and hand movements that are very humorous to watch. She is also a very caring and mothering little girl. She looks after anyone who gets hurt or is feeling unwell ("We need to get Daddy home and look after him." after James called to have us get him during one of his really long training runs. "Mommy, you need to sit with your leg up. Don't worry Mommy, you will be OK." after I fell and scraped my leg badly). Kiera is also a solitary girl, loving to sit in her room and play or read by herself for an hour or so, even on her birthday.

A little quiet time

I've decided to try and capture some of the girls' lives on their birthday in a "About me" type blog post. My plan is to ask them a series of questions each year, and see how they change over time. I wish I had started this earlier with Eowyn, but for Kiera I think it's a great time to start. You can see Kiera's first set of responses here.