Picture the Holidays... Day 10: Twinkle Twinkle

Twinkle lights, fantasy, wishing and whimsy; they are all a part of the season. The trick is translating the ambiance we see with our eyes and the glow we feel in our hearts into effective photographic images.

Don't be afraid to let the light in for shots that sparkle! An extra slow shutter speed (way beyond what you can normally hold by hand) can make for amazing photos that shine! Try capturing something today that twinkles!

Day 10: Twinkle Twinkle

I actually found this prompt a bit frustrating. I was having trouble getting that 'sparkle' into my shots without getting the bokeh. (Yes - I know I've been going on and on about bokeh lately, but I was going for something different here...) I ended up playing with my camera in a way opposite to how I have been approaching low-light shots - I moved the camera during a slower shutter speed. I first tried zooming in and out on the Christmas tree while the shutter was open and got some interesting pictures. Then I took it off the tripod, and did some random movements with the shutter open. This is my favourite picture of the bunch - it looks like there are angels on the tree!

Sweet Shot Day