Picture the Holidays... Day 26: The Day After

If you have a mess on your hands today, never fear. There is beauty to be found even on those days! As you go about the big tidying, be aware of the order that rises from the chaos. There is a visual respite there waiting to be discovered.

When you see it, you'll know. Your lens will know what to do.

Note: Sometimes focusing on the tiniest details (like texture or subtle color) can bring your attention to something extraordinary. Try to shoot something that draws your eye to what might normally go unseen.

Yeah. I've got nothing for this. Technically today (Dec 28th) is our 'Day After' as we have been doing Christmas for three days straight. And seeing as it is the first chance I got, the tree is down and the house has been de-Christmas'd. So the mess is gone. If I come up with anything later, I'll post it.

UPDATE:  I have a photo!

Day 26: The Day After

Kiera decided to crawl into a gift bag that was on its way out to the garbage. Needless to say, there was no question it was garbage after she was done...