Olympic fever

Eowyn was really interested in the Olympics this year – especially when Canada won medals. The surprising thing about Eowyn and the Olympics, is that she seems to have found a sport she enjoyed watching. Who knows, maybe we have a future Olympian in our family. What sport did she get into? Hockey? Ariels? Speedskating? No – Curling. Go figure!

She had a rough week with sickness, and we were at home on Friday - just in time for the medal rounds for women's curling. She watched the whole bronze medal game, and we started watching the gold medal game with dinner. We had to record the game for her so she can watch it. She still hasn't finished watching it, and she is not going to be unhappy with the result.

Her response when the hockey game ended last night, and When we told her that the Olympics were over after last night’s hockey game, this was her shocked response: “They’re over? I’m not going to get to watch curling again!” Don’t worry, Eowyn, curling is on pretty regularly, and you won’t have to wait four years to see more.