Eowyn's upcoming year of change

Grade One is looming, and it is going to be the year of change for Eowyn. Not only is she going to be starting her career as a full time student, she will also be starting French immersion AND switching daycare locations.

I'm a little nervous about the French immersion - she is going to be learning a lot, let alone learning in two languages. Then again, I did French immersion for grades 1-3. OK, wait a minute. I HATED French immersion - why exactly did we enroll her in it? We are hoping that there are a couple of the kids from her kindergarten class that are also in French immersion with her.

The switch in daycare is going to be interesting. We are moving her out of Sandy's because we are only going to need before and after school care, and we don't want to take up one of Sandy's full time spots. We also don't want to have to pay Wee Watch's outrageous prices for part-time care. So we've started looking into in-home daycare providers for before and after school. We met one last night, and James and I are happy with her but Eowyn wants to meet someone else. When we asked her what she thought, Eowyn's response was "I liked her, and I liked her toys". I think she wants to meet other people so she can assess their toys.

Last night Eowyn was a bit upset about switching daycare - she has been with Sandy since she was about 18 months old, so this is going to be a huge change for her. She wants to get a present for Sandy so she won't forget Eowyn, and I have promised that we will visit her. We'll have her switch over in August sometime.

I think the daycare switch is also going to be a big change for Kiera. She is going to be staying with Sandy, but without Eowyn there Kiera will be the oldest kid. Eowyn has told her that she will send a stuffy to Sandy's for Kiera that has a lot of hugs and love from Eowyn. Then if Kiera misses her, she can just hug the stuffy and feel better. Kiera is also going to be starting kindergarten in September, so just another small change.

August and September are going to be interesting!