Eowyn's Story

On Thursday, Eowyn had an adventurous day, and I'm going to let her (show and) tell you about it. Her words are in purple. 

"On Thursday I fell when I was running at Bertie's Place because I was running in a fun game. It hurt a lot."

Sandy (the girl's babysitter) had taken the kids to playgroup (Bertie's Place), and Eowyn fell and hit her head on the concrete floor. She cried a lot but sat calmly and had a snack. On the ride home, Eowyn threw up in the car, and was complaining about her head hurting. Sandy called me, and I asked Sandy to give Eowyn some Tylenol and I would call the doctor.

"After I fell and bumped my head, I threw up the medicine my babysitter gave me. She called the ambulance because she thought I threw up blood. It was really bad. I was in an ambulance for the first time. So was my mommy. The yellow is the blanket they wrapped me up in on the stretcher, but it was really pink."

While I was calling the doctor and TeleHealth Ontario, Eowyn threw up the pink medicine which made it look like she had thrown up blood. Sandy called 911. James left work to come pick me up and go to Eowyn. That was the longest 15 minutes, waiting for him to get to me. Bad day to be a one car family.

When we got to Sandy's, the Ambulance and Police were there. The paramedics took us to the hospital to have her checked out.

"When I got in the hospital, I got a new bear because it was my first time at the hospital. But really, it wasn't my first time at the hospital - I was here to meet my sister for the first time."

We only had to wait a few minutes to get into an exam room at the hospital. Apparently that is how you get to the top of the doctor list - arrive in an ambulance!

Eowyn had been really quiet and "out of it" - not very talkative, sleepy, and generally not herself.

"Daddy pulled up a chair beside the bed so he could see me. I fell asleep and had a little nap. Then the doctor came in. She checked me out. She asked me questions, and so did the nurse."

The nurse came and looked Eowyn over, asking us questions about what happened. It was hard to answer some of the questions, since we weren't there. Definitely an occasion to feel inadequate as a working mom.

She fell asleep for about 30 minutes, and when she woke up, Eowyn was herself again. Her brain seemed to have rebooted, and she was very talkative and smiling. After her nap, she really seemed fine and was herself for the rest of the night.

"The nurse gave me a basket full of treats. They looked so cool. I even got a chocolate bunny rabbit, a (mini) Connect 4 game, little eggs, and a sucker. I brought the treats home and I shared them with my sister."

The diagnosis from the doctor was that she likely had a mild concussion. We needed to keep an eye on her for any unusual behaviour, and to wake her up every four hours when she was sleeping.  Eowyn didn't like that too much!

I worked from home on Friday so we could keep her home and watch over her, but she was fine. Really fine.

Eowyn drew these pictures of her day. Here are some real pictures from our trip to the hospital. What does it say that I thought to pull out the camera at a time like this...