He did it!

On April 25, James ran his first marathon. He ran 26.4 miles (or 42.2 kilometers) in 4:28:34!

It was a rough couple weeks leading up to the race - James had been having trouble with his knees and IT-band that began after running the Chilly Half-Marathon in Burlington on  March 7th (finished it in 1:50:34!). He had been running a lot less than desired before the race, and was really questioning whether he would be able to finish the marathon at all. James went to the chiropractor and had some 'active release therapy' on his legs, and was determined to run.

The day of the race was not great. The weather was awful - raining (a LOT), cold (8C/46F), and miserable! The girls and I all got up early and got him to the start line to see the race begin.  We then went to four different spots to cheer him on as he ran the race. It wasn't much fun for the girls, as it was cold and wet and they didn't want to get out of the car. By the end of the race, other racers were running past us waiting, and telling us that "He's doing great, and should be by soon!" We made it back to the finish line about 5 minutes before James came around the corner. Eowyn ran up to him and ran with him to the finish line.

Recovery took about a week - it was tough watching him go up and down stairs, but he got better every day. By the end of the week, he was already talking about doing the Toronto Marathon in the fall, which is a good sign! He is hoping that with some real training before the Toronto Marathon, he will be able to improve his time.