Update on Eowyn & Kiera

With Eowyn starting grade 1, it was time to move her out of Sandy’s and on to a new daycare provider for before and after school.  We had visited a woman earlier this year, and were set to go with her. Well, for a variety of reasons that will make me look petty and neurotic if I describe them, I started looking again for daycare. We went today and visited with a lady, and it went really well. Eowyn seems to have loved it there – it didn’t hurt that they were having princess day with a tea party, or that one of her former classmates goes there as well which was a great surprise (no, not Jalyn). There are three grade ones at this daycare (including Eowyn), all in French immersion, so there is a really good chance that they will be in class together as well.

I left the meeting feeling really good about this lady and her setup – she is really organized, interacts a lot with the kids (music, crafts, activities, etc), and takes pictures of the kids too. So with both of our reactions in mind, the decision to go with this lady (Christy) was an easy one. Eowyn will be starting with Christy on August 31st.

What about Kiera? Well, we are leaving Kiera at Sandy’s for at least her first year of school.  We will think about moving her over for the start of SK, but we’ll see. Turns out that Christy has a 4 year old who is going to be in Miss Dodd’s class, in the Monday/Wednesday stream. Miss Dodd was Eowyn’s kindergarten teacher, and Kiera is M/W as well, and we are hoping she will be in Miss Dodd’s class as well. Wouldn’t that be funny to have Kiera be friends with Christy’s daughter? That would make a transition in daycare so much easier…  We’re hoping to find out about Kiera’s teacher soon. She is really excited about going, and has been doing really great at practicing spelling her name and learning her letters and numbers. I can’t believe she is going to school already…