Picture Winter... Day 2: Looking Out


Even amidst the chill of winter, there is nothing like a little fresh air to clear out the cobwebs and give us a brand new lease on life. Battle the elements today (even if only long enough for a click or two) as you "picture" a shot that offers just the breath of fresh air that always does you good!


Day 2a: Looking Out

OK. The goal of this prompt was to get outside, but it just wasn't going to happen. So I'm spinning the prompt a bit (mainly to fit these pictures).


When James and I came downstairs for breakfast, Kiera had turned into "Super Zhu Zhu Pet Rescuer". She definitely brought that breath of fresh air with her wonderful imagination. What a character she is!

Looks like I could have my very own Dr. Horrible in the making...

Day 2b: Looking Out