Cherished Gifts

The progression of love

I got a new necklace from the girls for Christmas with their names stamped in the silver. I absolutley love it. James ordered it from wisegaldesigns on Etsy (love that site), but sadly it didn't arrive in time for Christmas. The girls did make me a necklace that I unwrapped Christmas morning, and I wore it every day until the real thing arrived. The necklace was delivered on the 31st, so I really didn't have to wait long.

Once I opened it, and looked at the heart, I was struck by the similarity to the other necklace in the picture. That necklace was a gift from James our first Christmas after we were married. I had seen this necklace on our honeymoon in Dublin, IE and loved it. We didn't buy it at the time, but James found it online and ordered it. The artist is Alan Ardiff, and his pieces are wonderful.

I truly love the connection between these two pieces - both of which I will cherish always.