A Weekend in Collingwood

This past weekend Kiera and Eowyn spent the weekend with Art and Ruby, and had a great time with them, which meant that James and I had a wonderful weekend to ourselves.

James made us reservations at Pretty River Valley Country Inn, and it was fantastic.  Our room was cozy with a queen bed, a single bed, two wooden rocking chairs, and a wood fireplace. The extra bed and the rocking chairs would have been better if they magically turned into a couch, but we made our own couch by putting the single mattress on the floor. Our plan was to spend much of the weekend relaxing and reading, with some hiking thrown in. We spent Friday and Saturday night with our books, a bottle of wine, and a wonderful fire. Heaven!

Relaxin in the Room

Saturday we went for a big hike on the Bruce Trail. We hiked for about 4.5 hours, and went 10km out and back along the trail. James and I spent a lot of time during the walk talking about our Turkey trip and how it might compare, and what kind of gear we thing we will need given our experiences on the hike. It's great to have a frame of reference when looking at the hiking for Turkey! This info came in handy, as we went to Mountain Equipment Co-op on Sunday to check out gear and try on backpacks etc. 

So a strange thing happened to us while we were on our hike - we made a friend. As we were walking along, James quietly told me to stop walking. He had spotted a big brown bird (about the size of a small chicken) sitting on a log in the forest. As we watches this bird hopped down and started getting closer to us. We watched her for a few minutes, and took a bunch of pictures, and by the time we carried on with our walk she was coming within about 2 feet of us. As we continued walking, we could hear her scuttling through the forest and leaves, so we stopped. And she came out of the forest to see us. She continued following us for about 10 minutes. Crazy! Here's her picture:

Mabel the Partridge

She eventually stopped following us, but it was really strange having a wild bird tagging along on our hike! Here are pictures of how close James and I got to Mabel. Yes, we named her. Ok, I named her. When we got home, we naturally looked her up, and it turns out Mabel is a Partridge,  also known as a Ruffed Grouse.