Picture Inspiration... Week 2: Finding a Little Rhythm

 One part of the definition of the word rhythm says: a harmonious sequence or pattern of masses alternating with voids, of light alternating with shade, of alternating colors, etc.

As synchronicity would have it, when it comes to photography, "harmonious sequences" - however they are framed - can make for the most wonderful images! We will take the next few weeks paying attention to the very rhythm that makes my heart nearly skip a beat and can make a good photo.

This week, let's begin by really breaking down this first definition. No matter which part of the line above you choose to focus on, set your sights on at least one part of it and capture it with your lens.

A Mossy Roof

I'm starting to catch up on the weeks I missed in Picture Inspiration. I've reached into the archives for this picture, but it was taken in August 2010, so not that long ago.