Picture Inspiration... Week 12: Mysterious Ways

Whether you choose to explore possibilities in nature (outdoors) or even in your own home (we all bring some of the outdoors in) be on the lookout for the mysterious. Whether it be color, shape or gesture, look to find something that leaves you scratching your head with questions.

Choosing the way to capture something that holds a kind of mystery can be a challenge. You can choose to attempt revealing something about your subject or keep it hidden and use a perspective that only introduces more questions. It's all up to you.

Mysterious Ways

What is it about dandelions that we hate so much? Why do we pluck and poison and kick and rip and destroy them? Seeing "weeds" always makes me think of something I heard Alan Titchmarsh (great British gardener and TV host) say "A weed is only a flower in a place you don't want it." Or something to that effect.

When I look out at a field covered with the yellow flowers, I always think that they look so pretty with the wonderful contrast of yellow and green. 

Then I remember that it is my lawn I'm looking at, and I need to start digging them up.