Picture Inspiration... Week 13: From the Ground Up

...when it comes to revealing something mysterious, it's almost always a matter of perspective. There is nothing more enchanting than capturing a flower, or grasses, from the ground up.

By taking the perspective of being on the ground while gazing up at even the smallest of ground cover, it can give you the feeling of being in a secret garden. The scale that this angle can provide can make the viewer feel like they've been given an insect's eye view. Personally, the shots like this often make me feel like a garden fairy. Having imaginative daughters can do that to a girl!

Your job this week is to shoot from the ground up. Find a perspective of enchantment this week!

From the Ground Up

Ah. The classic Windows background shot. The beautiful dew drops on grass. The sun shining above a flower. The ant's perspective. Yeah. I have no idea how to shoot that. I ended up pretty much laying the camera in the garden, and shooting blind. Glad something turned out!