Picture Inspiration... Week 11: In the Distance

Sometimes you have a vision, a plan, an idea of how you want a shot to look before you even shoot it. In the case of landscapes (especially sunsets), there are always unexpected twists and turns, from Mother Nature or other elements not within our control.

And amidst the unanticipated, there is always beauty to be found. Shooting the sky, you never really know what you're going to get. You'll never really see the same sunset twice. Each one offers something unique and unlike any other. That's what's awesome about the natural world and attempting to capture the great outdoors. Sometimes those things that lie out in the distance help offer the shot an element or shape that adds even more interest and intrigue.

Take the time to peer out into the wild blue yonder. Let your eyes wonder, reach and stretch beyond what you might normally look for. You just never know what might be there to discover out in the distance.


While James drove home from Beamsville today, I carried my camera with me in the passenger seat. I was happily snapping pictures trying to captures something interesting for this weeks prompt. I snapped this picture as we crossed a bridge (yes, the car was moving at about 60km/h).

While the prompt talked about finding something in the distance, but while looking at the distance I found a surprise close-up. The out-of-focus lines in the front of the picture are the barriers/railings on the bridge. I love how they frame the green trees and grass in their own little section, but let the reflection of the sky and clouds show in the bottom.