Picture Colour... Day 11: Best of Both Worlds

Red and pink have always felt like an odd couple to me. I can recall quite vividly growing up and not understanding the Valentine's Day designs where red and pink played together. I just didn't get it. Until, one day, I changed my mind.

Now, I see the charm and delight that red and pink bring when they are together. I'm not sure what made me changed my mind, but red and pink remind me of love and sweetness. I consider red a bold, statement color, shouting from the mountain tops and yet pairing it with pink takes the edge off and brings out its best. That's the way I see it anyway. The best of both worlds.

Do you see the charm of red and pink together? Can you find a way they play off of one another? It's your job to seek it out today.

Candy Hearts - straight

Ok - not a very exciting picture for this prompt, but I have a good reason for it in the Day 12 post...