Picture Colour... Day 15: Playful Pause

There's nothing more colorful than childhood so today I'm encouraging you to invite your inner child out to play. Get playful, summons the silly, find the fun; either seek out something "childish" or go out and treat yourself to a little something that brings out the kid in you.

Whether it's a set of jacks with a bright red ball, neon silly bands or a rainbow colored kite, today is a play day. Get out there and capture it!

Playful Pause

While the girls have a number of these Groovy Girls, this one is MINE. Eowyn didn't even realize I had it, as she sits by my computer monitor in the basement. I've also submitted this picture of my Nerd Minnie Mouse vinylmation, which sits at my desk at work. It's amazing how many of the 'toys' submitted to the gallery live at our work places. What does this tell us...?

Nerdy Minnie Mouse