Picture Colour... Day 17: The Colour of Light

Using direct sunlight as a photographic tool can yield perhaps the most beautifully unpredictable results. Shooting into the sun can cause seemingly random sunspots and inconsistent flare and even more, it can really throw your exposure off. All of these things mean the shifts and range of color that can happen from one shot to the next can vary greatly. Shooting into the sun (to get the kind of shot you are after) takes some practice.

Today, it's your job to shoot into the sun (or close to it). The object with this prompt is to discover the variety of color that you can capture. Sometimes you can even capture a rainbow effect in a sun ring. There's just no telling until you experiment! Take the time to shoot a number of different angles with the sun in a variety of places and study each shot, observe all the unexpected elements and colors that appear like magic in your images.

Share today, the color of light, just how you see it.

Growing up

It figures that they day Tracey asks for Light (with a capital L) is the day that we have an overcast and blah day. I took this one in April right after Eowyn got her ears pierced.