Picture Colour... Day 19: The Colour of Calm

Perhaps one of my favorite elements of photography is what I call the option of selective framing. What I mean by that is the ability to use the lens to only frame a small vignette of the big picture. If there is chaos all around us (dirty dishes, barking dogs, bickering children) we can use our cameras to move around all that and only show what we choose to show.

For me, even when much of my home is in desperate need of a tidy-up, I can still find something somewhere to shoot; something that helps me take the deep breath I need so much.

Today is about finding that deep breath through your lens. Focus on subject matter as well as the colors that calm you down and help you exhale.

The Colour of Calm

We put up a pergola on our deck last summer to get a bit of shade - our house faces east, and we get full sun in our backyard almost all afternoon until sunset. This summer we finished it off with a bit more lattice on the roof, some sheer curtains to diffuse the setting sun, and some new patio furniture. It is now the perfect place to sit with my tea and read in the morning. The soft breeze ruffles the curtains, making it peaceful and serene - especially since the girls don't play in the backyard much...