Picture Colour... Day 20: Corrugated Colour

Sometimes the combination of color and texture can make a shot that much more interesting. Although that is certainly the case with things like bold fabric designs, it can be as simple as adding some kind of actual curve, groove or line into the subject.

Today, seek out solid colors that are more interesting because of the texture that they hold. Even more than a study of color today, consider this a study in the surface of your subject matter and how that softness, roughness, corrugation, or subtle ripples affects its color. 

Corrugated Colour

This is another instance of getting the photo for this prompt in an attempt to meet the needs of a different prompt. I think that my shot for Day 9: The Texture of Colour would probably work best for this one. Although, to be honest, I think the differences between the two days are almost too subtle for me...