Picture Inspiration... Week 17: Moody

...there are some days where the sun just won't break through the clouds.What does that do to my photography? Sometimes nothing. And sometimes, most definitely, it does something. Something different. Something darker, more intense, more moody.

This week I encourage you to capture in your images a moodiness of sorts. I'm not looking for any mood in particular. I just want to give you permission to explore your feelings and moods through your lens.

Show us something that you are really feeling this week.


For the record, I asked him to look up like that, and not smile. I am not in any danger from this man.

James and I have had a bit of a trying week so far as Kiera isn't sleeping well, which is making both of us extra tired and moody. This may not be a picture of me specifically, but there are many times this week where I've wanted to say "Go away and leave me alone! Now!". Ok, I may actually have said it. A few times.