Picture Colour... Day 23: The Meaning of Colour

There are some colors used in common phrases or sayings, like being "tickled pink" or "going green". Colors can also be symbols or signs of something. Red means stop, yellow means yield. When a certain color and a particular object are paired up, they can also carry a specific meaning like a black cat or a white picket fence for example.

Today's prompt is a little more conceptual as you will be coming up with an idea or image where your color choice means something. Put your thinking cap on and get creative!

The Meaning of Colour

I was never a big fan of pink until I ended up with two girls. Actually, Eowyn quickly turned into a purple girl, so the mass amounts of pink in our house are really because of Kiera. I'm not sure if she will ever grow out of pink. For this prompt, I'm going with "Pretty in Pink".