Picture Colour... Day 24: A Library of Colour

Books can offer both illumination of the spirit (via the content inside) and inspiration of the visual kind. Books are muses both inside and out.

Today, look no further than your own bookshelf for volumes of color therapy. 

A Library of Colour

I love to plan vacations, and tend to get a bit obsessive about it. James and I are planning a trip to Turkey in September/October 2012 to celebrate our 40th birthdays and 10 year wedding anniversary - all of which happen in 2012. We bought our first (and possibly only) travel guide book this week - the internet is a beautiful place for vacation planning! Dreaming and planning vacations makes them last so much longer than the duration of the actual trip. DK makes glorious guide books full of wonderful pictures that end up being more of a keepsake than a guide book.