Picture Colour... Day 25: Heavy Metal

From bronze to silver to gold (and everything in between), metallic "color" surrounds us every day. Whether it's shiny or brushed, polished or patina, looking at metallic surfaces gives us a whole new way to study color.

Today, experiment with the reflective or sparkly qualities of metal bling or the texture and tone of dull metal. Coax out the color and beauty of your subject today.

Heavy Metal

There is something so warm and inviting about my big hunk of rust that I scavenged during Picture Fall. I love the contrast of that hunk-o-rust with my somewhat-shiny silver necklace from the girls. Now that I've had the necklace for 6 months, I love it even more for the wear pattern that Eowyn's square is getting from the heart swinging back and forth.