Picture Colour... Day 26: Watching for Whimsy

Some synonyms for whimsy include fanciful, quaintness, and eccentricity. That being said, without color, I'm not sure whimsy could even exist!

Today seek out whimsical color!


After talking about it once or twice, the girls and I decided that we would add some colour to our hair. I guess we are adding a bit of Whimsy to our every day. It's just hair, right...? For the photo above, Kiera fell asleep in the car before I could get a decent shot, and I liked the abstract-ness of the photo.

So we did it ourselves (ok, I did it), and I used Manic Panic product. It was challenging to find the highlighted hair after it was washed, and there are spots that were lightened on Eowyn that didn't get colour later, but oh well! Overall the girls were great - really patient waiting for things to set etc, so I'm sure we will be doing it again. Kiera went with Cotton Candy Pink (of course), Eowyn got some Ultra Violet, and I went with After Midnight Blue. 


I'm totally expecting to see this look again from Eowyn, in about ten years, with the same hair colour but in a mohawk. Good times...