Picture Colour... Day 29: Sunrise Sunset

I'm not sure if there is any one subject that is more photographed than the sunset. The beauty is that no two are ever quite the same. Ever. Like each star or each snowflake. No two are alike. I love that!

Whether you're more of a sunrise person (rather than a sunset person), or you prefer the middle of the afternoon, today's the day to get out there and capture the color of the sky.

Sunrise Sunset

I would much rather photograph the sunset, alas I live in suburbia and bedtime collides with sunset meaning no beautiful and colourful pictures of the sky for me. This was taken at 5pm in a cloudless sky. Never thought I would complain about a cloudless boring sky, but there it is. 

One thing today's photo did teach me is that my camera REALLY needs to be cleaned - there are way too many dust spots that I needed to touch up in this photo. Anyone got any tips or advice on cleaning my camera?

Oh, and I have no idea what is causing the disco ball to appear in the bottom right of the picture.

I'll pull this one from the archives, though, for a real sunset shot. It was taken during our January trip to Disney.